Nelson Briggs Ministries
Playing a Part in Lives Transformed by Jesus Christ…

Our Core Values Are…


God loves us, and we need to love Him and love other people as well – we are all in this together!


God has accepted us, as messed up as we are sometimes. Be thankful for this, and accept other people for who they are.


God has shown us grace, in that He sent His Son to take care of what needed to be done. We need to accept this grace for ourselves. And we need to show other people grace when they need it – and since we are people, we need a lot of grace from each other, and we need it often.


God has forgiven our sins through the person and work of His Son Jesus Christ. The payment for the sins of the world was made in full. We need to appropriate this forgiveness in our own lives by having faith in Jesus. We also need to forgive others when they mess up.


Ultimately, our hope is in the assurance of God’s Word, something we can depend on, that we can experience true spiritual freedom in this life, and spend eternity with God together with other believers in heaven forever. We need to share this hope with everyone.