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I am personally committed to working with and strengthening the local church for witness and discipleship through renewal and training.

My Background

I love the church I attend and have been an active member since 2004, and they do discipleship and small groups the right way. During this time, I have had the opportunity to be in small groups, to lead a number of small groups, and to be a coach of small group leaders in our mega-church equipping ministry structure.

My background also includes starting and leading small groups at a smaller local church and coaching the leadership team through the visioneering process, studying the discipleship and small groups process in seminary – Developing Disciples Intentionally, integrating what I’ve learned and practiced into a junior level class that I designed and taught at the local campus of a well known Bible college, and worked in a limited capacity with some of the leaders at my church taking pastors and ministry and denominational leaders through the discipleship and small groups process. I can give you more specifics when we talk.

I have an MBA, Master of Business Administration, and completed my seminary training while being involved in ministry and working in various positions for a number of companies, and have been able to effectively integrate solid biblical principles, group dynamics, and human relations in organizations, academic learning and analysis, and practical application to real life experience inside and outside of the church.

With regards to my own work in this area, I heavily integrate coaching techniques in how I teach, train, and work with staff, and as part of the subject matter that I teach. I believe discipleship and small groups ministry benefit from coaching skills, and I am professionally trained and experienced in life, faith, and organizational coaching.

The basics

At the core of small groups ministry is the idea of the church as an equipping ministry structure, and using small groups and teams as a more sure way of facilitating discipleship from the pulpit to the people in attendance at the church, and even reaching beyond those in attendance who may consider an invite to a small group from their friends, acquaintances, co-workers, and neighbors. A Biblically accurate, theologically sound, culturally sensitive, socially focused, and time-tested way of being intentional in building people up in the faith.

I carry out this training at your location, and factoring in the culture of your church and the practices and leadership that are currently in place. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Major training sections

  • What is the great commission? Each of the five statements given by Jesus that comprise the great commission, and how to intentionally, effectively, and efficiently carry it out through the structure and processes of your ministry.
  • Making disciples: What is a disciple? Stages of development. Spiritual gifts, and integrating concepts with gifts based ministry.
  • The equipping ministry structure and small groups: processes, philosophy, and ideals.
  • Making it happen: strategy, vision, and policy implementation. Including organizational, tactical, and functional strategies, and alignment of systems and processes.
  • Monitoring, evaluating, and reworking activities and benchmarks. Including qualitative and quantitative growth measures.

To begin the process, complete the form below. I will respond back to you as soon as I can.