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Faith and Life Coaching for Individuals and Teams

A skilled and experienced coach can help you to discover what to do. Sometimes you need help to figure out which way to go, what choice would be best, and maybe even what the choices are. There are even times when “you don’t know what you don’t know.” A coach can help!

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a process used by a coach to help you:

  • Discover and clarify what you want to achieve, which way you should go, what you want to do
  • Generate solutions and strategies to accomplish those goals
  • Be held responsible and accountable for carrying out actions in support of the solutions and strategies that you create

Who can be Coached?

Individuals can be coached, and so can work groups and teams of people. Coaching takes place as a guided conversation between the coach and you or your group or team. And, a good coach is skilled at clarifying and focusing the conversation, narrowing to a specific focus that you can take action on, and exploring, identifying and aligning actions with the focus.

Examples of where you may benefit from having a coach include:

  • Growing spiritually
  • Committing to a fitness plan
  • Finding your purpose
  • Helping you craft a more effective job search strategy
  • Having victory over an addiction or habit
  • Developing a closer and more loving relationship with your spouse
  • Planning, managing, and evaluating projects
  • Helping your leadership team through the mission, vision, and values process
  • Implementing and growing a small groups ministry
  • Starting a new church
  • Having a better life

There are many other examples of where you may benefit from having a coach. I am a skilled and experienced coach, with formal training. And, I have worked with individuals, couples, work groups, and leadership teams inside and outside of churches, helping them to discover and clarify what they want to achieve, generate solutions and strategies, and successfully achieve what they set out to accomplish.

If you believe you would benefit from having a coach, then please fill out this contact form to start the process.