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Playing a Part in Lives Transformed by Jesus Christ…
Mine is a story of guy who made a decision to believe in Jesus at a young age during a
Billy Graham movie at a local theatre in Tucson, Arizona… And I got saved!

Nelson Briggs at Starbucks

Thank God for crusade evangelism and people thinking outside the box!

I was raised mostly in a single parent home, and things weren’t always so easy. In my twenties, I decided to go to a public university and knock out a business degree. Then an MBA in grad school. I wasn’t sure where all this was going, but God had a plan.

As time went on, I was sure I wanted to preach the Gospel and tell people about God’s awesome love for all of us, what it means to be saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, and helping people to make that decision and grow in their faith. I went on doing my own thing – living life, regular job, and all that stuff… And God continued working on me. I was growing in my faith, moving ahead most of the time, and messing up other times. I’ve had my share of struggles, and God has loved me through it all.

I eventually enrolled in seminary, and completed two degree programs while being actively involved in ministry – a really intense way of spending some quality time with Jesus.

My passion, and the reason for doing this, is to play a part in your life transformed by Jesus Christ. Knowing and following Him has made a difference in my life, and it will make a difference for you too. Check out the following links, join the conversation, and be part of what is happening here.

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